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Waterproof bed with a motif, 10 cm

Waterproof bed with a motif, 10 cm

VAT Included
  • We offer the perfect solution for all lovers. Our unique bed, created especially for Appenzeller dogs. The bed is more than just a place to sleep - it is a real paradise for lovers of this wonderful breed. The bed is extremely comfortable and tailored in every respect. Thanks to its original motif and two-color design, it becomes not only a practical element of equipment, but also a beautiful decoration of your terrace or home. This is a place where your Appenzeller will find peace, comfort and pleasure.
  • The bed is waterproof and easy to clean, which means you can forget about the worries of splashes or dirt. Your dog deserves a place where he can rest in complete comfort, and you deserve a bed that is as beautiful as your Appenzeller.
  • For lovers of the Appenzeller breed, it is not just a bed, it is an expression of your passion and attachment to these wonderful dogs.
  • So don't hesitate - buy our bed and create a paradise on earth for your dog, where he can enjoy life on the terrace or at home.
  • This is an investment in your pet's comfort and pleasure, which will bring you a lot of joy and peace. Buy now and let your Appenzeller know the comfort it deserves.
  • Colors - red-gray and red-brown.
  • Filling - medium-hard foam, 10 cm thick.

Size 95x65cm.

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