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Dog collar with restriction, waterproof 35mm
  • Dog collar with restriction, waterproof 35mm

    VAT Included


    • Waterproof, double-sided printed polyester tape. Print made using the sublimation method. Polyurethane-coated tape, matte, colorless. Connected with rivets in the color of the tapes.

    • It feels and feels like leather. The product is soft for the hand, comfortable and durable. Medium stiff for the dog, comfortable.

    • It is abrasion-resistant, 100% waterproof, bacteria-resistant and does not stretch. Additionally, the collar is frost-resistant and does not deform.

    • It is more durable, easier to clean and maintain than ordinary textile nylon straps.

    • This is a product that was created for dogs with a neck circumference close to the head circumference and for dog escapees who have mastered slipping out of a standard collar with a buckle. The half-clamp mechanism used in the collar prevents it from being pulled off directly by the dog, because when the leash is pulled, the half-clamp collar reduces its circumference. At the same time, a well-adjusted collar prevents the dog from choking.
    • Increases control over the dog. It is put on and taken off over the dog's head and does not have a classic buckle.

    • The collar is ideal for active dogs that often spend time outdoors and are exposed to various weather conditions. Thanks to its durability and waterproofness, it ensures safety and comfort during walks and training.

    • Available in a universal size with adjustable circumference. The collar can be easily adjusted to the dog's neck. Provide your pet with comfort and style with our dog collar.


    • neck circumference adjustable.
    • width 35 mm
    • thickness 3mm.
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