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For many people, a dog means friendship. Purebred dogs can offer something additional, including: because they have special properties. Think, for example, of conservation, a passion for hunting, a power of tracking, or a desire to work. And often for years.

The advantage of a purebred dog with a pedigree is the predictability of behavior, anatomy and predispositions. . Both the origin, ancestors and health test results can be found on the Internet or obtained from the breeder. This way you know what litter your puppy comes from. Often in breeding farms you can meet both parents or even grandparents of the litter, and you can learn a lot by following the puppy's family tree.
about appearance (anatomy).

Many breeders believe that a good breeding policy is important. Reproduction should be carried out in accordance with the rules set out in the breeding regulations of the Polish Kennel Club. No matter how carefully a breeder breeds, it does not mean that he or she can give you a 100% guarantee of a healthy dog. Any dog, including a pedigree dog, can get sick, for example due to hereditary diseases not revealed in the first 6 months of life, overdose, infections or injuries.

A dog enriches your life. You have a friend and thanks to him you make many new contacts. By choosing a pedigree dog, you can take part in sports, official competitions, training and exhibitions. With a dog pedigree, you can also become a member of a breed club or dog club. Many associations and clubs organize numerous meetings with your dog, such as walks, lectures and classes. This way you meet other dog lovers who feel the same love for their dog. This often creates a nice bond. Out of enthusiasm and love for the breed, the breeder should be willing to give advice and always be ready to answer questions. You can often rely on his knowledge and experience in (dog's) life. A good breeder is also critical: he asks questions himself!
After all, he wants to make sure his dog goes to the right owner.

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