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Are you considering purchasing an Appenzeller Sennenhund puppy?


Check if the character of this breed suits you.

Does a puppy fit your personality, life and work situation?

Does your family accept your choice?

Look for breeding farms that will have puppies now or in the near future.

Make contact with the breeder, visit them. Pay attention to the parents, how they behave and whether they are healthy.

The puppy will inherit 50% of both parents' appearance and character.

Check the living conditions of dogs in the kennel.


You should only buy Appenzeller out of conviction, from a proven source of reliable origin.

You have chosen a breeding farm, choose a puppy.

Gender - male or female? In the case of the Appenzeller, I definitely recommend a female dog as the first dog of this breed.

Character - ask the breeder for help. He should be able to assess the upcoming temperaments of puppies.

Present your expectations for the dog, it will certainly make choosing a puppy easier.

The puppy will not come to you trained to live at home.

You need to put in a lot of time and patience from day one.

Do some research among dog schools and kindergartens, look for a trainer who will help you guide your dog.

Find a vet to check your puppy's condition.

On the day of purchasing the puppy, min. eight weeks of age, the puppy should be dewormed at least once and vaccinated against infectious diseases.

When buying a puppy, you should receive from the breeder the puppy's birth certificate, health booklet with all information about vaccinations, chip number, and a purchase and sale agreement.

The puppy should not have diarrhea and should be shiny, lively and happy.


You are buying a living thing, not something to throw away when you get bored or grow out of it.

A puppy is not a toy for children!

Appenzeller is not a dog for older people or people who have no experience with dogs.

As a buyer, you must be aware that you are purchasing a very lively, extremely spirited and independent dog that wants to be constantly occupied.

Appenzeller is very reserved towards strangers. To reduce this distrust, you need to place a strong emphasis on comprehensive socialization.

Your new roommate sheds twice a year - this lasts about 14 days to three weeks.

Grooming and dusting are the order of the day!

Are you allergic to animal hair?

You should be tolerant of your dog and take into account his nature, and he will thank you all his life with devotion and loyalty.​

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