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Dog walking leash, tricolor
  • Dog walking leash, tricolor

    VAT Included


    • Tricolor lanyard, 170 cm long, 20 mm wide, 2 mm thick.
    • The motif on the tape refers to the breed's country of origin, as well as Appenzeller's adventures.
    • Tubular tape, polyester. The print uses ecological ink that deeply penetrates polyester and uses the sublimation method. The tape is light and pleasant to the touch. The product will last for years, is highly resistant to washing,
      abrasion and weather conditions.
    • The ideal length of 170 cm ensures a balance between freedom and control. It gives your dog enough freedom, but you have everything under control.
    • The leash is equipped with a swivel metal buckle that can be attached to the dog's collar and rotates freely 360°.
    • The dog leash is equipped with an ergonomic and comfortable handle that allows you to maintain a firm and comfortable grip without digging into your hands, even when the dog pulls.
    • Perfect for medium and large dogs.
    • Suitable for professional dog training or daily dog activities.
    • It is possible to adjust the length according to demand. Give your dog extra freedom of movement. Your dog can freely run, exercise or go for walks in the forest or garden.
    • Made in Poland.
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